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Mr. Mosaico – Talent in Hidden Places

Posted on Sep 22, 2009 | 2 comments

I’ve been spending some time out in Ostia over the past couple of months photographing work my friend Mr. Klevra is doing outside a church (I’ll post something when the project is finished, but you can see some of my photos on LasciaIlSegno). Each time I’ve been there a crowd has gathered around to see him work and there are quite a few regulars, including Nello, or Mr. Mosaico, as I’ve decided to call him. The first time I was there he mentioned having a mosaic studio in the area, so last week when I was there I took a break from shooting Mr. Klevra and popped over to see it. It isn’t really a studio, as he explained, but just a little space he has for himself to work on his hobby – making mosaics.

Nello owns an alimentari in Ostia, but also happens to be an extremely creative person with a lot of talent, which one can see by looking at the mosaics. He doesn’t sell them, but just does them as a hobby. His workspace is full of tools and he has some beautiful pieces, more of which you can see on my Flickr account. Just goes to show you again why artistry comes in all forms and how you can find talent in the most unexpected of places.


  1. Two wonderful photos giving us peek into a process. I especially like the photo with the artist.

    I'm provoked with blogspot since I and many others have lost their lists of followers, plus I do not know how to fix it. A fresh start never hurts, but without knowledge to repair it, it's just plain frustrating!!

  2. Great photos! I love mosaic!!! 🙂

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