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New York Minute, Part II

Posted on Sep 20, 2009 | 6 comments

I wrote earlier about the huge crowds on the opening night of New York Minute. Taking place inside MACRO, an old slaughterhouse turned museum by the Monte Testaccio, the venue itself is worth the visit. There’s vast amount of space indoors and out, making it a great venue for exhibitions, though you can’t help but be slightly creeped out by the meat hooks casting shadows along the walls of one space.

In terms of the show, I was only able to see one of the two exhibition areas, as we were like cattle being herded through the narrow doorways that then led into the larger space. I was quite impressed with what I saw, however, and will definitely be returning for a look at the other room. All different types of media were represented – painting, sculpture, video installations, photography. Some of my favorites are pictured here, with the rest in the slideshow below. Martha Friedman’s lifesize elastic bands that stretched up the high ceilings were quite a hit with everyone, who couldn’t help but delight as they walked through and touched them (don’t worry, it’s allowed!). By far my favorite was tattoo artist Scott Campbelll’s laser-cut stacks of dollar bills. Everyone was gathering around to take photos and marvel at the genius of the idea and flawless execution. Kon Trubkovich‘s NO EXIT license plate fits nicely with his series of works about prisons and prisoners. He has a series of video installations as well, but this one captured my imagination the most, as the license plate is something so iconic and I think the words NO EXIT can speak to prison life, but also just the idea of feeling trapped in general. Special mention goes to the artist who installed the colorful rotating disks at the entrance of the room. They made me feel like I was in Alice in Wonderland! I didn’t get to see who they were by, so if you know, please tell me!

You’ll have your own chance to see New York Minute until November 1. MACRO is open Tues – Sun, 4 pm to midnight.


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  2. Wow. Nice exhibit.

  3. Great pictures though probably not my type of art. But had to write because I came to my igoogle page to look for a New York tour company website and not 10 minutes ago was reading Context offers for NYC.

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