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Taglie Forti

Posted on Sep 29, 2009 | 1 comment

I don’t know why, but I love photographing signs, maybe because of the font and coloring, but also because of the differences in culture they show. For some reason I’ve always been amused by the phrase “taglie forti,” which just means “plus size” in Italian. However, the literal translation in English is “strong size” and it never fails to make me giggle internally as I think of Hercules flexing his muscles in “taglie forti.” Pitran is a mens and women’s plus size store in town, and while I don’t think I’ve ever passed by, the yellow signs are quite distinctive and up all around Esquilino. Maybe I also find it amusing because you really don’t see that many “plus size” people, at least nothing like what I’m used to in the States. And I’m not just saying overweight, but also height wise.

1 Comment

  1. never saw an overweight Italian there. The only overweight person I saw was me,an American Tourist 🙂

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