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Under Construction

Posted on Sep 17, 2009 | 5 comments

This is the view on via dei Fori Imperiali these days. The Forum would be on the left and Trajan’s Markets are on the right. It’s ironic that about one year ago I wrote about all the construction happening on via Nazionale and what do you know, they’re doing it all over again. That’s right, the city hired geniuses to do the job and they did a horrible job, so all the cobblestones had to be ripped up again and everything redone. This is also true of via dei Fori Imperiali. Somehow the mayor is trying to spin it as a positive….do they think we don’t remember this work was just done? Let’s hope it finished soon and done correctly!


  1. Ha! There was renovation being done by and inside Trajan's Marketplace when I was there in 2003. I thought, "Darn, if I had just been here a little sooner or later, I could have seen all this stuff." I think I was wrong!

  2. not a good thing…hoping all will be more/less done when i am there in february/march.

  3. Seems like someone else should be in charge!

  4. Sounds Italian to me! lol… same thing just happened here in our little village near Naples.

  5. Recessionista – The Trajan's Markets are open, this construction is on the sidewalk of via dei Fori Imperiali. They opened in 2006 I believe.

    Virginia and Kate – Yes, let's hope. Unfortunately the right wing spins this to talk about "improvements" being done and selectively forgetting it was done last year.

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