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A Parigi

Posted on Oct 11, 2009 | 6 comments

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’m currently in Paris, so will post a photo or two from this city until I get back to Rome and can take some fresh shots. I staunchly believe that most people are either on the Italian side or French side….obviously from where I live you can take a guess where I stand. Nevertheless it’s always nice to get out of Rome for a few days and see what’s going on in the rest of the world. That doesn’t mean, however, that my eye changes and when I spotted this poster on my first day in town, I was quite happy. I recognized it immediately as the work of ‘Ender, who was “introduced” to me virtually by French (though Roman in his heart) street artist Zilda. A little gargoyle meets Magritte is a nice touch and shows has historical art and architecture continues its influence. From his Flickr account I see that there are a lot more around the city, hopefully I’ll have the chance to capture another before I leave (if I can fit it in between all the crepe and falafel eating).


  1. good eye Jess

  2. thanks Jessica ! it's a great shot !

  3. Thank you Jessica !!!!

  4. Have a good time in Paris, looking fwd to see more photos! Ciao

  5. love the photo! Your images are stunning and it is so nice to see a city that I love through someone else's 'lens'. As for choosing between France and Itlay…as an artist, I have one foot in each country! I could not choose my favourite. I love Paris of course, but Venice, Lucca, Arezzo, Rome… who could choose?

  6. You're welcome 'Ender! Sorry to hear that they cleaned the wall off already.

    Writerpainter – Thanks for commenting. I'm glad you found the blog and you are right…as an artist both countries have too much to choose from!

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