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House of Augustus

Posted on Oct 5, 2009 | 6 comments

One of the nice things about having people come to visit is revisiting old sites, but also seeing some new things. I’ve been to the Palatine Hill quite a few times, but hadn’t yet gone since the House of Augustus reopened last year. It’s such a rare treat to see ancient Roman frescoes, so we waited patiently in line (only a few people are allowed in at a time) for a glimpse. I would write more but I’m dead tired from walking around all day, so I’ll just leave you with the photos and a few links to some information on the site.

BBC News – House of Augustus Opens to the Public
TIME – Article from 1961 on the discovery


  1. Is this a different site from the Domus Aurea?

  2. Yess sir. It's in the Palatino.

  3. I think my hair would stand on end permanently if I ever visit Rome. Such history! I'm glad they allow photos so you could share this with us.

  4. Fabulous photo. I'm amazed they allowed photographs. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Imagine what this would have looked like in its glory? If only to be a time traveler! I love to close my eyes when visiting the ruins and just… imagine.

  6. Saretta – The Domus Aurea is a different complex and is now closed to the public again.

    Hilda – You're welcome!

    Brattcat – Yup, photos allowed, which I was happy about. Just no flash.

    Peter – I know….I can only imagine how much better and detailed it would have been.

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