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R is for Ratzinger

Posted on Oct 25, 2009 | 2 comments

You might just look at this photo and see an iron R, but it’s much more than that. This is a very special R. One crafted by artist Rub about one year ago. This R kicked off the word Ratzinger, yes for the current Pope, which was crafted out of iron and hung on the Ponte Casilino on the via Prenestina. It said nothing else, just Ratzinger, and was swiftly cut down several days later by the police. Apparently a friend of his was able to convince the police to give the R to her, so it’s returned to his hands. The photos you see above the R chronicle its making, installation, brief lifespan, and dismantling. For a closer look at what the photos are, check out Rub’s website. This piece is just one of many that are on display at Strike for Strike the Street‘s opening collective. I have many shots of the exhibit on my Flickrstream if you care to see more!


  1. rome is like the bst city in the entire world. i love it completely. i use to stay there on piazza navona. but wasnt there for a while now, when i sweitched for b.reasons to travel in milan.
    miss you roma!

  2. Cara Jessica, molto belli il testo e la foto. Il tuo blog è davvero tanto seguito e a buona ragione: hai gli occhi che un romano non può avere guardando Roma.

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