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Street Shot

Posted on Oct 20, 2009 | 5 comments

Taken on via Nazionale this weekend, I was trying to get the window of the shop. I’m not sure what the store actually sells, lighting and interiors perhaps? It’s kind of ridiculous because I pass this every day and clearly am just mesmerized by the cool lighting patterns in the windows. As it happened the people crossing the street, the couple and the girl, moved into the scene just in the right way to make it perfect for me.


  1. nice shot-looks like the couple spied you and posed-cute

  2. The shop is Louis Poulsen. A Danish manufacturer of classic lamps. They're cool.


  3. I love when things fall into a shot to make it even better.

  4. Yep, real good timing.

  5. Yeah, I think they all noticed the photo, but hey, that didn't seem to mind that much!

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