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Tile and the Season Change

Posted on Oct 15, 2009 | 8 comments

When I arrived home on Tuesday night the first thing I immediately noticed was that the temperature had dropped in Rome. When I’d left the previous week it was sunny and springlike and now it’s time to break out the scarves. That got me thinking the same thought that comes around every year “Oh no, we still have a few weeks before they turn on the heat.” You see, my building (or condominio) has heating for the building, which means that there is no thermostat that I just turn on at a whim, but I need to wait until the entire building gets the heat turned on. This normally happens in early November I think, so for now it’s time to dive under the covers. So what does this have to do with the photo? Well, one thing I noticed in most homes here in Italy is the abundance of tiling. While at home I think of just the kitchen and bathroom being tiled, here everything is – bathroom, corridor (pictured)….everything. This makes for one cold house! It also makes for a house that constantly needs to be swept (those who know me will know that isn’t my forte’) as the dust seems to accumulate at rapid pace. This is why I also need to have slippers available at all times to go around the house, otherwise my feet freeze in the winter. Random observation….but then again, would it be this blog without something random every now and then?


  1. In the Northeast US wood floors are very common. I imagine that they're only slightly warmer than tiles in the winter. It's definitely scarf, slipper and extra sweater weather here too! I double up on socks and slippers for the next few months, even when the heat is on.

  2. I know what you mean. I was not prepared for the sudden drop in temperature.

    I have to take my comforter out. It's freezing at night.

  3. Don't forget lots of throw rugs on the floor! and since I was have purchases on of those disposable cloth rags "brooms" sweeping (which I am not good at!) is a breeze – they pick up everything and make sweeping a non issue! Stay Warm!!

  4. i feel your pain…i'm already wearing two pairs of socks about the flat! heating comes on in my condominium on 15th november…a whole month to go!! brrrr!!

  5. haha..lesson – don't multi task and type/post -! and since I was have purchased one of those disposable cloth rags "brooms" sweeping (which I am not good at!) is a breeze – they pick up everything and make sweeping a non issue! Stay Warm!!

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Jacqueline here from Toronto, Canada. I have been following your blog and it transports me each time to when I was in Italy a few years back. Ah yes the tiles everywhere. Living in Toronto, (which I think is a great multi-cultural city), I didn't get the connection of the tiles and the wrought iron railings until I went to Italy. Now whenever I see them, as in your blog, my whole experience of them is magical! Cold on the feet…for sure….but magical….great in the summer though as I remember when I visited! Thanks for such a great blog!

  7. I totally understand. I love carpet. i know it isn't good for allergies, but I love the fact that you can just let your feet disappear into its warm plushness…I DO NOT like the marble floors…they are freezing. But I think I am luckier than some of you….I'm termoautonoma! Ahahaha 🙂

  8. Crystallyn – I'm from NE in the US too and we had carpet and also hardwood. I actually think the hardwood is warmer than tile, even though it can still be a bit cool.

    NYC – Oh yes, the down comforter has been broken out and I'm wearing a sweatshirt at night!

    Simone – Very true. I used to have a bamboo mat that was on the ground but it was hard to clean. maybe someday i'll invest in a nice rug. You're talking about the Swiffer type things right?? Those are magical! Dont have one here though, I should look into it.

    Deborah – the 15th! that's rough. i can never remember when mine goes on (i think i try to block it mentally each year).

    Hi Jacqueline – Thanks for your comment! Glad you like the blog. I've heard great things about Toronto. Lots of Italians there right?

    Elora – Termoautonoma!! Sono invidiosa.

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