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Villa Borghese: Help, Get Me Out!

Posted on Oct 24, 2009 | 2 comments

The Villa Borghese is much more than just the Galleria Borghese, but rather a huge park with all sorts of components, from the Carlo Bilotti Museum to this small amusement section. I went today at dusk but it got dark quickly and I was lured toward the site of neon lights, which promised for fun shots. Unfortunately my battery ran out before I got everything I wanted, but I love these shots of the stuffed animals “held hostage” in those machines where you drop a claw down and hope it scoops something up. These bring back childhood for me, just remembering that it was so impossible to win. I don’t think I ever was able to do it, though I remember a boy I went to high school with being a master and getting three wins in a row. I also love the random mix of animals stuffed in the window, from Bart Simpson to a pig I just picture them yelling “Help, get me outta here!” More amusements to follow….

And for informational purposes, here is a pretty decent map of the park. The amusements are located at the end of via delle Magnolie (14L on the map):


  1. Set them free!

  2. These pix are hilarious! I remember being at the Borghese Museum and being completely overwhelmed by the riches on display (not the stuffed animals – I didn't get that far!) and having to sit on a bench by myself. It was awesome and just too much. Then, deciding on an espresso as a pick-me-up I used my awkward fake Spanish on the barista instead of my awkward faux Italian!

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