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When in Rome

Posted on Oct 13, 2009 | 2 comments

I’d been reading about this stencil both on 06blog and Eternally Cool when I finally passed it last week with my friends. What I immediately noticed was the hand by JBRock (you will remember I posted photos of the hand near by Borghese a few weeks ago). Perhaps he was “marking his territory” against a foreign street art invader? Who knows? What really interests me is that JBRock’s stencil has been torn down enough to reveal the centurion again. If you think about it, it’s kind of funny. People’s stencils, posters, etc getting ripped down/covered up all the time. Is it just because it’s a centurion and kind of cool symbol of Rome that people want to leave it alone? Either way, I think it’s kind of cool this way because it looks like the hand is eating his head.

Check out the Eternally Cool link for a lot of good info on the stencil, including a cool video Above made while doing it. Also, Above’s site is quite cool and he does stuff all over the world.

I’m back in Rome and I must say, though Paris was nice, it’s really true that every time I’m gone from Rome, I can’t wait to get back. I can’t stand being in a place where I literally know none of the language, it’s so odd and uncomfortable and makes me appreciate all the more knowing Italian and also just the general craziness of this city.

By the way, check out this cool list of 15 Expat blogs put together by Boots N’ All Travel. I’m honored to be included in a list with such great people!


  1. hello! Your photos are amazing!! I found your blog searching for locals tips for traveling in the city… my husband and I are headed there for a last minute trip in November. I also studied abroad there in 2002 and fell in LOVE, but now feel so far removed that I don't know where to start! Any recommendations for things we must do or places to stay or eat? looking to book a pension in rome and florence… thank you!! You can email me, Hannah Alexander, at Thanks so much and again, your photos are stunning!

  2. Hi Hannah – I hope you have a nice trip to Rome! Most things that I think are cool and aren't in your regular guidebook I talk about on the blog, so if you browse through you'll find lots of stuff. You'll also find a lot of links of the site to accommodation providers. I'd check out or as well. and have a lot of restaurants as well. The blog will have restaurants and lodging as well. Good luck!

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