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Art Appreciation

Posted on Nov 16, 2009 | 4 comments

This photo of mine is getting a bit of attention lately and was featured on the cool website Crack For Your Eyes, as well as for an article about “framed” street art (in Italian) on And well, I can see why people like it. Probably for the same reason that I stopped dead in my tracks and took out my camera. I’ve written about C215 a few times and there is a lot of his work still up in the Jewish Ghetto, but nothing made me stop and smile more than to see this piece, with its crude frame out of metal pieces. Who did it? I’d like to think it was the owner of the house, perhaps flattered to find this “gift” outside of his doorstep. It begs some interesting questions though about what we think of as art. Is framing it making it acceptable? Taking away the illegal aspect? Is it a way for the framer to show his stamp of approval and to ask others to stop and look at it as a piece of art? What is the difference between seeing something hanging framed on the wall of a museum and viewing something straight on the wall that is then framed? And for anyone who might doubt that cutting a stencil is easy, think again. Also think of Rembrandt or Durer, who used etching and woodcuts in their art. Cutting stencils is just another form of printmaking, which was probably more highly appreciated in the days before photography could record images so easily.


  1. love this shot-wish more would appreciate some of the street art in Rome

  2. Cutting stencil that complicated is an art…andGuemy masters it!

  3. Thanks for the image Danilo! I remember seeing that chair and rock as well. Funny little art “installation”

    Art dealer – You are certainly right…I don’t even want to think about how much time and effort goes into the cutting.

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