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Lex / Sten / Lucamaleonte Outside Dorothy Circus

Posted on Nov 6, 2009 | 4 comments

Flickr has been my savior, not just because it lets me store my ridiculous amount of photos, but because it’s where I was really able to discover all the different personalities on the Rome street art scene through their accounts. I was blown away a few days ago when Lucamaleonte posted this photo of a new piece he collaborated on with his studio-mates Lex and Sten and knew I had to go out and photograph it right away. Tonight after work I made my way over to the Dorothy Circus Gallery, where the trio had pasted up this rather well known piece depicting Dante in 2008. I discovered from Lucamaleonte’s blog that this piece lasted until just a few days ago, when some fools ripped it, so they made a new one. I can’t tell you how much I love this new piece, which reminds me a bit of a depiction of the Massacre of the Innocents mixed with the trompe l’oeil style kicked off by Mantegna.

So you might ask why I chose this photo, which cuts off part of the piece at the top. Well, it was quite dark out and there wasn’t much natural light, so I decided to use the parked car in front at my “tripod.” It had been raining all day which made the roof slick and when I took the first few photos I noticed that there was an amazing reflection of the piece in the hood of the car. I also loved how both the foot of the figure on the left and the finger of the cherub on the right look to be reaching out to touch the hood and motorino, respectively. Just goes to show, an experiment can sometimes yield interesting results. Head over to the Gallery before the piece gets too beaten down by the weather or a passerby who decides it will be fun to tear off. And complimenti to the artists…yet another piece well executed.


  1. amazing work by such talented artists-Bravo

  2. really awesome piece and great capture of it!

  3. Love this image and how many of the street artists in Rome honor the artistic style/tradition of early Roman art while making it their own..thank you for sharing

  4. They are pretty amazing right? And all young as well, which is so cool. Simone – I agree about mixing in the classical. The interesting thing about the scene here right now is that there's really so much variety to what everyone is doing.

    Amber – You should go check it out! The gallery is very close to Circolo degli Artisti.

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