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November Theme Month: Doorways – We Are Small

Posted on Nov 1, 2009 | 7 comments

The theme this month over at City Daily Photo is doorways and that fits in perfectly with this shot I took a few days ago on via del Plebiscito. These enormous, overpowering doorways are common through the historic center and it made me think of how small we are, next to these doors, inside a buzzing city where life swirls around us every day. I wonder how many people have passed by that doorway?

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  1. What a wonderful photo. I love it!

  2. very cool looking doors and so large and so many. nice choice for today's theme

  3. We ARE small, aren't we? This is such a lovely image. Great choice for Theme Day.

  4. Thanks everyone! Glad you like the photo.

  5. I always enjoy opening your blog to see what you've found and how you've captured it–you've got a great eye. Here I would suggest that big doors were a feature of Fascist architecture and the Fascist aesthetic, designed to provide a sense of the power and authority of the Fascist state and to give the citizens of that state a sense of their own insignificance as individuals. Bill

  6. Thanks Bill! I had no idea about that feature of Fascist architecture. Always a pleasure to have your insight.

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