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Open Baladin

Posted on Nov 18, 2009 | 7 comments

Tonight I went to dinner with friends from Food in Rome to try out Open Baladin, which just opened in September. We were lured by the promise of 40 Italian artisanal beers on tap plus 100 more by the bottle. And as you can see from the wall of beers above the bar, they do not disappoint. The idea of artisanal beer is growing in Italy and is something that is trickling down from the northern regions. I’ve got to say we were all hoping that the entire experience would live up to the cool atmosphere, and we were not disappointed. Our waitress was very friendly and helped my friend, who is gluten intolerant, pick a cider that she would be able to drink. They have an aperitivo of sorts until 8:30 pm where you can get cichetti for 2 to 3 euro a pop and sample things from the menu. We went straight to the burgers, which were actually quite good! This is a shocker, for those of you who live here know how hard it is to get a decent burger. We also ordered chips, which were home made, as was the delicious ketchup. We ended with dessert, where I chose an apple pie. I was expecting, you know, an apple pie. But what came out was even better. A little cup of a custard topped with apple that gave the right combo of cinnamon and apple, with a crunchy layer of “crust” on the bottom. Delicious and now overwhelming. Oh and the beer….how could I forget? I tried an amazing chestnut beer that was on tap and had a nice wintery taste with lots of chestnut flavor to it. My next try will be another beer that was infused with ginger….

Open Baladin
via degli Specchi 6

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  1. Hi! I live in Rome (same neighboorhood as you!), I discovered your blog a couple of months ago and I love it! Great photos.
    On the fourth line of your post do you mean to say 'we were NOT disappointed'?
    Thanks for the blog!

  2. Oops…thanks! Usually it's my mom who finds my mistakes first 🙂 Can you tell I never proofread before publishing. Glad you enjoy the blog!

  3. wonderfil colors and shapes

  4. Delicious photo! I wouldn't expect a beer place in Roma – only vino schmino! Sounds like a great night of fun and delicious food and drink!

  5. Sounds delicious. Great description.

  6. Wow that's a lot of beer! I'm glad you enjoyed your dinner out! And decent hamburgers!!!

  7. This place sounds fantastic. I must try it.

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