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Posted on Nov 12, 2009 | 9 comments

While waiting for the start of the installation in Pigneto on Tuesday, I sat at the bar and sipped on a Peroni. To me it’s kind of like the Budweiser of Italian beer, but then I was helpfully reminded by Omino71 that is was sold to SABMiller in 2005….the demise of an Italian brand! Another popular and cheap brand is Moretti, but that was bought by Heineken in the 90s. Ichnusa, a Sardinian beer, was also acquired by Heineken.

What beers are still Italian? Definitely Menabrea, which is a personal favorite.


  1. No matter the ownership, Peroni is still the quintessential Italian beer to me.

    I'm normally not a big enthusiast of beer, but there's something about those 0.66l bottles and the Roman night that goes together perfectly.

  2. But I guess it still taste the same. I can't remember the names of the Italian beers I have tried. Skål!

  3. Oscar – I agree! I don't care who owns it now, but to me it's synonymous with Italy. The 66 cl bottle are fantastic.

    Steffe – I hope so…don't think I'd tried it before it changed. 🙂

  4. Menabrea is the best italian beer, i agree.

  5. I like this beer 🙂 and nastro azzurro too :))

  6. Maluszeq – Nastro isn't bad either but for some reason I never liked it as much as the others.

  7. I really like Moretti!

  8. I like Moretti too.

    I still can't believe America's Budweiswer is owned by an European company. The family sold it last year.

  9. That is a shock, I did no know that Budweiswer is an European company.

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