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Piazza Vittorio Arcades

Posted on Nov 9, 2009 | 3 comments

I met up with friends for dinner in the Piazza Vittorio area and while waiting for them to arrive, I snapped this photo under the arcades that surround the square. This type of architecture is unusual for Rome and normally reserved for northern cities like Bologna and Torino. The entire square was built up shortly after the Unification of Italy and was designed by a Roman engineer, Francesco de Mari. I’ve got to say, on a rainy night like tonight, I was grateful for the arcades. I purposely underexposed the photograph to highlight the lighting and I really like the outline created by the man standing in the middle of the arcade, his body breaking up the light on the pavement.


  1. this picture is very suggestive!
    good work 🙂

    gozer (nakedrome blog)

  2. Very nice. Yes Torino has lots of these.

  3. Thanks Gozer – I look forward to seeing more photos on your blog

    De Lly – Someday I'll make it to Torino to see them myself!

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