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Pray 2.0

Posted on Nov 2, 2009 | 5 comments

In March I took one of my favorite photos, which I entitled Pray. It showed a woman begging for change on the via dei Fori Imperiali. This past week I happened upon her again, still on via dei Fori Imperiali, just on the other side of the road and with a different scarf on her head. She always has her face buried so far into the ground and barely moves, I always wonder what she would actually look like standing up. I also found the tag “No Nazi Zone” written on the sign behind her quite intriguing and yet indicative of particular struggles within the city. To me it’s a quiet, yet powerful image.

While I’m at it, I also want to call some attention to a wonderful photoblog I happened upon the other day. It’s run by two Italian photographers who live in Rome, and I must say, I’m pretty jealous of how talented they are. The blog is called Naked Rome and just started last month, but if the first posts are indicative of the quality, I’ll say that they’ll be giving me a run for my money! It’s definitely an inspiration.


  1. Whenever I see opportunities like this, I always pass on the shot if I can't give to the would-be subject. For example, I took a picture of a street musician in New Orleans but not before I placed a couple of dollars in his bag. Do you have the conflict or are you able to separate the art from the act?

  2. What an unusual photo. Disturbing yet fascinating at the same time. Apparently traffic poses no problem for it, yet it seems a mite dangerous.

  3. James – Great question. There are actually a lot of people I don't feel comfortable taking pics of or whom I would give some change or offer some food. So I asked myself this question as well once reading your comment. Sienna gives a great comment that provides insight into the situation if you click back to the original Pray post. I think a bit of that situation is why I am not as conflicted about posting something like this as opposed to other difficult situations I see on the street all the time.

    Kate – No no, she's on the sidewalk, no danger of traffic! (Unless you mean pedestrian traffic)

  4. I saw quite a few of these women in Venice.

  5. I took the exact photo… was near the Colosseum ….I agree I always drop a couple of dollars also.
    However after travelling to Rome a number of times you realize this is how people earn a living. You see the same people year after year.
    I enjoy the gypsy life in the streets of the streets of Rome it is part of Rome's tapestry.

    I love Rome…lucky you for having the courage to move there.

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