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Posted on Nov 26, 2009 | 9 comments

Another shot from EUR when I went out to take pictures of Seward Johnson’s sculpture. I like the contrast of the nature found in the trees and the modern design of the building. Plus, there were some interesting purple colors that came out of the reflection and you can even catch a glimpse of the moon. Most of the trees that you see are stone pines, which I wrote about last year. Enjoy!


  1. Perfect reflection!
    It surprises me every time when I see glass buildings in Rome — definitely not something I associate your city with. 😉

  2. Cool shoot as usual Jessica.
    Just pity for the window in the middle.
    But honestly, who cares? the effect is brilliant anyway.

    I would like to hear your opinion here!

    Wish you a good day!

  3. Beautiful shot!!

  4. Wonderful photo ! I love reflections… 🙂

  5. Great mirror, beautiful reflection. Brava, as usual!

  6. Hi Hilda – There aren't many, but some, and definitely never in the historic center.

    Ciao Simone – I actually kind of like that it's imperfect because of that window to be honest. I'll definitely make some comments on your blog!

  7. This is the building I work in!! 🙂

    (the tall one, not the glass one :))


  8. JJ – Really? So funny…glad to capture something you must see every day.

  9. Strange indeed!

    Both buildings belong to the same complex, and both have cinematographic nickname. The glass one is nicknamed "The Cube"; the tall one is nicknamed "The Dark Tower". Obviously our CEO is called "Sauron the Dark Lord"


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