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Stazione Termini: Through the Window

Posted on Nov 25, 2009 | 6 comments

I shot this photograph while pulling in to Termini station this afternoon. I was just away overnight for work, but really, every time I’m gone from Rome for a few days, I really miss it. Maybe at the end of the day I’m a creature of comfort, but I’m always anxious to get back and see what’s going on. I often equate Rome to the sentiments you have for family members – it’s ok for you to make fun of them and get annoyed, but when others do, you defend them ferociously and when they’re away, you realize how much you miss them. A lot of people I know have this feeling about Rome, frustrating and wonderful all at the same time.

I love this building in particular, though I’m not sure what it’s function is (anyone?). It’s an angle you can only get from being on the train (or the tracks themselves, but I’m not braving that) and it’s almost like a comfort of knowing you’ve returned home.


  1. Beautiful colors. Nice shot.

  2. I like the colors, lines and details….

  3. Good morning Jessica. Colours are great really. And an award to the cleaness (unusual) of the train's windows in Rome. 😀

  4. Beautiful, thank you for understanding OUR city so well.

  5. I wonder about that building too.

    I completely understand what you mean about the train pulling into Termini and how it makes you feel.

  6. Grazie tutti. Simone – I know, can you believe how clear they were? S. – Grazie del cuore….very nice of you to say.

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