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Zilda at Oblomov (Pigneto)

Posted on Nov 10, 2009 | 7 comments

Some of you may remember the amazing piece of street art I shot this summer depicting Toto. Through a little research I found the artist, Zilda, a Frenchman who, like myself, was struck with a love for Rome after having lived here. From that point forward we’ve written back and forth and my friends and sometimes collaborators Mr. Klevra and Omino71 even sent one of their posters to Zilda in France for him to paste up for them. Now it was time for them to return the favor. Much like myself, Vinz, owner of a new bar in Pigneto called Oblomov, spotted the Toto, tracked down Zilda and asked if he would created something for the bar. Proving that he’s not only talented, but very generous, Zilda agreed. Of course, he doesn’t trust just anyone to paste up his work, so tonight I met Omino71 and Mr. Klevra at Oblomov here they pasted up the poster that Zilda sent them (along with a T-shirt for good measure). Zilda asked if I would take some photos since he could not be present, which I was happy to do. Here is a preview of the (exclusive!) photos that I took tonight. If you want to see the poster for yourself, you’ll have to stop by the bar, it’s well worth it to see his work up close and personal.

via Macerata 58
Tues – Sun 2 pm – 2 am

[Dj Oblomov]


  1. great photos Jess-Zilda is such a talented young man-love his work

  2. cavolo come è invecchiato Zilda, sta perdendo i capelli anche lui! 😉
    foto bellissime! ti osservavo mentre fotografavi lo specchio ed ero proprio curioso di vedere cosa avresti tirato fuori, praticamente hai incorniciato il poster: GRANDE!

  3. Haha….sono contenta che ti piacciono le foto….specialmente quello con lo specchio! Cerco ispirazione per le foto in qualsiasi cosa che vedo 😉

  4. ti ringrazio per tutto Jess… e sopratutto per i dettagli, non avevo pensato a fotografarlo in modo cosi stretto..
    e grazie anche ai due delinquenti che hanno messo le mani nella colla…

  5. Wow. Great story here. He seems to be a great artist and as you say a great guy.

  6. Zilda – Sei un grande! E' stato un piacere di fotografare la tua bellissima opera. Haha si' i due delinquenti non sono male neanche.

    Steffe- Glad you like it! He deserves all the attention he gets!

  7. awesome works of art!

    i enjoyed taking photos of rome when i was there in october. so many beautiful things to capture!

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