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Fendi Christmas 2009

Posted on Dec 17, 2009 | 7 comments

Fendi Christmas

I took a photo of the annual Christmas decorations on the Fendi building again this year. As you can see, they’ve changed slightly since last year. The building no longer changes color, but they’ve added these “icicles” instead.


  1. Thank you Jessica for stoppinhg by my new blog, I am honored!
    This is a gorgeous shot, I love the icicles better that last year's decorations.


  2. What a fantastic photo! I love the Christmas decorations – that huge belt hugging the building is over the top cool!

  3. It looks so pretty!! They do such a great job. I sense a tradition here, Jessica. 😛

  4. Hello Jessica,

    Continued good luck with your photography and your blog.

    May I take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Keep warm and safe.


  5. Congrats on making the NYT Travel section!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Eleonora – No problem, it'll be nice to see someone else's take on the city.

    Leif – Yes, the belt is a tradition they started a few years ago.

    Lulu – I sense a tradition as well. I almost didn't get a pic of it, but stopped by right before I left.

    Trevor – Same to you! Thanks for your support!

    Dianne – Thanks, the call was unexpected. Maybe next time it will be for my photos 😉

  7. First time here, love your photo's!
    You help bring me to a city I love!
    Grazie 🙂

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