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Love at the Quirinale

Posted on Dec 25, 2009 | 5 comments

First off, I want to say Happy Holidays to everyone! It was nice to spend Christmas with my family this year, but in a few days it’s back to Rome and off to a new chapter in the city when I change apartments for the first time and switch neighborhoods. I also got a new wide angle lens to play with, which will open up some new compositions when I get back to the city, so I’m excited about that.

As for the photo, I took this on the same day as the previous two posts, just on the back steps of the Quirinale. This young couple was hanging out on the steps and I chose this shot because I like how it captured them both in deep thought.


  1. Jessica, there is something forlorn about that couple in all that empty space. Of course, it's better than the scene in your recent photo of the Trevi fountain! Glad you got to go home for the holidays.

  2. All these pictures are amazing, i used to live in Rome, i miss it lots now i moved back to England but seeing photos like this put me right back in that spectacular city. Fantastic photography skill you got there.

  3. Bellissima. I especially like how you cut the statues: although they are probably important roman artworks, they don't steal the attention from the real subject of the photo.

  4. This would make an awesome Christmas Card, i think. Idk… I really like it! But i am no photog haha.

  5. Kate – Don't worry, they were making out about 5 seconds later, so they weren't sad!

    Emily – Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad the pictures remind you of your time here!

    Valeria – I took some with the entire sculptures but it just didn't have the same impact, so I went with the closer shot.

    Nathanael – Thank you! Hope you come back often šŸ™‚

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