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Pigneto: New Home

Posted on Dec 30, 2009 | 4 comments

The title of this blog is a bit deceiving, as this house is obviously not “new,” and it’s not mine either. However, I am making a bit change and moving to a new place in Pigneto, so this is fitting and will give me a chance to explore the neighborhood photographically in a deeper way. Part of the reason I was attracted to this neighborhood is that it is one of those pockets of traditional Rome that still exists, though, as I’ve written previously, it’s also a dynamic area that’s changing rapidly and has an interesting mix of old school Romans, immigrants, and young people. I love the post-war architecture you’ll find here, such as this amazing house and the area was used extensively for filming during the Italian post-war cinema. If you want to learn more about the area, read this very informative PDF found on the American University of Rome’s website.


  1. Great house.

  2. the house of ghosts!! whuuuuuuu!!!! 😀

    really beautiful.
    happy new year!


  3. New Year, new home, new nighbourhood. Sounds great! I hope you will enjoy the change and find great inspiration.
    Happy New Year, Jessica

    xxx Valeria

  4. Thanks for the New Year wishes! I hope you all have a good 2010 (Gozer, it does look spooky right?)

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