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Porta Maggiore

Posted on Dec 2, 2009 | 6 comments

Porta Maggiore is an interesting place, one that I think perfectly captures the synergy between the history of Rome and its urban fabric. Here you have an ancient Roman gate that has become integrated into a huge hub of traffic, with a major tram connection right in the middle. It’s not pretty at all, a bit run down and grimy, but that’s what I like about it. The trams, which I’ve captured here, are the old ones that are slowly being phased out…I’ll miss them when they’re gone!


  1. Love the movement and stability (what has been will always be) of this image…lots of levels to consider

  2. Sydney phased out its trams 50 years ago and it was a bad move then and remains a bad move to this day.

    This is a wonderful photograph capturing such movement, warmth and affection.

    I really like your text, too. It respects the photograph and the history that it is describing.

  3. I like the motion in this shot.

  4. wonderful photo! 🙂

  5. Rome is allways someway amazing, outstanding. You've a nice way to "tell" about it.

  6. Thank you everyone. Simone – I like taking shots where most of it is still, but you can get a long exposure with the people blurring. I think the effect is nice.

    Julie – The new trams aren't bad, but I like the charm of the old ones. I think for the most part they'll keep them for the periphery and use the new ones in the center, as they have the change the tracks for the new ones. I know they're doing some work, but it will take them forever, so in the meantime they're still here!

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