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Posted on Dec 8, 2009 | 5 comments

I thought I’d give everyone a little update on a few things that have been going on lately and also information on an opportunity to see a few of my photos in the US.

Opening December 12, the Spraygraphic Black and White Photo Show will feature two of my photographs (including the one of EUR pictured above). The show will start out this Saturday, December 12 in Tempe, Arizona and then eventually move to two locations in Phoenix. Click the link to find out all the details and if you go, send me photos! I’d love to see how the exhibit was set up.

Sat Dec 12 12:00 AM – Fri Jan 08 11:00 PM
Greens Cafe
2240 North Scottsdale Rd
Tempe, Arizona

Most of you who have been following the blog for awhile know of my love for street art and Arden over at Crack For Your Eyes has given me the opportunity to be a contributor to their blog. Aside from photos, I’ll also be posting information about upcoming exhibit and interviews with some of my favorite Italian street artists. You can read my first interview with artists [X] and 999′ online now.

My photographs were featured in an article about Rome in Totally Dublin magazine (starts on page 43), which you can check out online. It’s really cool to see what the photo editor decided to use and how she did the layout with the photographs.

Several months ago I was featured in the online magazine Disco Underworld and with your help I was voted into their print Gold edition, which is currently on sale. I saw some previews on Flickr and it’s filled with great photography and creative types from all over the world.

Lastly, I’ll be spending the holidays at home this year, which I’m greatly looking forward to. That means from December 12 to 28, posting may be a little lighter than normal, though I have some great shots that I’m going to be getting out. For the end of the year, I thought it might be nice to do a little countdown of favorite photos, so if you aren’t a fan on Facebook already, become one and vote for which photos you’d like to see included in the countdown.

In 2010 I have a lot of projects coming up, as well as opportunities to see my work in and around Rome. I’ll be posting more when things are finalized, but first up is the DDang festival in Bracciano from January 16 – 24 with Omino71 and Mr.Klevra. I’ll post more closer to showtime, but the festival should be fantastic, so I hope some of you will make it out there.

For anyone who found this post tedious….don’t worry, back to business as usual tomorrow!


  1. The BW is classy.
    What I feel uncomfortable is the box on the left corner down.
    Have a good day! Ciao

  2. Have a great holiday Jessica. I have been following your blog since Spring 2009 when I spent one month in Rome and searched for related blogs. I have enjoyed your photos and their background stories a lot. They remind me of Rome in a wonderful, visual way. You are my "Roman eyes" when I am not able to be there myself.

    Grazie mille and Merry Christmas!

  3. Wow Jessica, how do you do all this stuff! Congrats on all your shows 🙂 And have a great trip home – it is always fun to go back for the holidays! Elora

  4. Fame is coming your way Jessica. you certainly deserve it with your brilliant photography.

    Buon Natale.

  5. Hi guys thanks for your support!

    Simone – You mean my name on the left? Haha, obviously that's not in the print that's in the show, just on the blog 🙂

    Inni – Thank you for writing! So nice to hear from readers who usually don't comment. I hope you had a nice month in Rome and I'm happy to be your "eyes" until you can return.

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