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Skatheroisme at Rising Love

Posted on Dec 5, 2009 | 2 comments

I mentioned that some of my photos were going to be projected on Thursday night at Rising Love as part of the evening called Skatheroisme. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay until the end of the night when my photos went up (if anyone was there, tell me how it was!), but I got there early to do a test run and watched a bunch of the skaters warming up for the evening. It was a bit tough because my film gets very grainy at ISO 1600 and I was using f/1.8 to get in a lot of light since they had turned down the lights. Nonetheless, I think the grainy, shallow depth of field gives it an interesting look. The whole evening was in celebration of some great photography work by the Torinese photographer Raoul Gilioli, whose work on the Skateroism project is really wonderful. The project followers a young skateboarder named Jean, who discovers that he has gypsy roots and then goes to seek out more about their culture. I would really recommend passing by Rising Love while the photography is still up (until December 9). Then, on December 10, the project will transfer down to MADRE in Naples for a special opening.


  1. I like the decor, but love the actions and how you captured them even more. The grains are just fine. I didn't know you still used film. What do you use, and what camera if you don't mind sharing. I still have my film cameras but have not used them for a long while.

  2. Hi Eki, thanks! I'm not using film at the moment, I just meant the ISO setting on my digital. I keep meaning to actually use my film cameras. Maybe in the new year we both will!

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