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Sten and Lex at Rising Love

Posted on Dec 4, 2009 | 5 comments

Sten and Lex have created a new piece outside of the club Rising Love (via delle Conce 14) as part of an event with the gallery Love and Dissent (where Sten and Lex have had shows before). I wasn’t able to make it the night of the event, but Love and Dissent is organizing evenings called “The Sound of Love (and Dissent).” During the first “episode” Sten and Lex created this installation, which I think might be one of my favorites they’ve done. The portrait is quite elegant. The second “episode” will be on December 18 at 10 pm with a concert by musician Gullath.


  1. impressive!!

  2. beautiful work -thanks for showing us with your photos

  3. Really really cool your photo's Jessica… I'm from Rome… and looking your pics it's like looking with other eyes my city 🙂

    I think so that after looking your blog, I will start with photography 😛

    Have you ever came to Ostia and taken some photos?

  4. Grazie Jessica, per le belle parole che hai scritto sul nostro lavoro.


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