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Top Photo of 2009, Totti Mural

Posted on Dec 31, 2009 | 6 comments

Yesterday I posted photos 2 – 5 in the top photos of 2009 and now it’s time for #1. Though I don’t think it’s my best photo this year, the voters have spoken and selected this wall mural depicting soccer player Francesco Totti as number 1. I do like the photo and think it captures the soccer madness that grips the country, so I’m not displeased by the selection at all. It’s also kind of funny that this photo was posted on January 2, 2009, so right at this time last year. Here’s wishing you all a good start to 2010.

Totti Mural

The Crazy World of Italian Soccer


  1. If you could choose what would be your choice for # 1 Jess

  2. yeah, wht WOULD be your number 1? I really really like this one though lol.

  3. Ah! Soccer in Europe.
    I love this wall mural. Your photo captures the feeling of the soccer. I love how even the lighting is, and that the textures are preserved in the shot. Well done!

  4. For number 1 it would actually be hard….I have a lot that I like! I love the Cavour metro one and the Punkabestia shot. I also love the photos I did of the church in Ostia and the Bernini's sculpture. Haha, that's why I had you choose! But it's also different for me because sometimes my love for a photo also comes from the memory I have attached to why I took it or what I was doing. For me this photo doesn't have that sort of connection, but I also think that it does represent a lot about Rome so I can see why it was chosen.

  5. What the fuck is soccer?… last time I checked Totti played Football…

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