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Trevi Crush

Posted on Dec 22, 2009 | 8 comments

Just an average afternoon in front of the Trevi Fountain…possibly the only place more hated by me than the Spanish Steps. If you want to know why, just look at the photo!


  1. Truly annoying. I remember going there on a Sunday spring evening and it was quite nice.

  2. Jessica, I love Italy and your unique perspective through your viewfinder. I've got an award waiting for you over at my blog.

  3. My goodness, I think that I would avoid this area!

  4. That's crazy. Midweek or off holiday season is the best time to visit: you may hate the choc-a-block but the spot is just so beautiful…

  5. When we visited Rome, we had to see the typical sites. Trevi and Spanish steps were a zoo of people. As a tourist, we were highly annoyed.

  6. Gunn Diva – Thanks for the award, I really appreciate it!

    Luis – Yes, often if you go late at night you can find it emptier, but I rarely find it quiet.

    Valeria – Yeah I think the best times are extremely early morning or very late night.

    Rob – Yes, everyone flocks there because they think that should and then finds everyone else there as well! Luckily Rome has a lot of other beautiful spots to enjoy.

  7. Is there ever a time of the year or day when these places are not mobbed?I just returned from a visit to Venice and found the city delightfully free of crowds. Is Christmas season just as bad as summer in Rome?

  8. Hi Jessica,
    Great picture. I can only say Thank God I can now travel in late fall and winter. But I've got to say that in summer trips I don't ever remember this mess! By the way I will be seeing you in December.

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