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Urban Solitude

Posted on Dec 15, 2009 | 8 comments

Urban Solitude

I had time to kill waiting at the Garbatella metro stop and so took advantage of the time to take some photographs. As the title indicates, I find a certain lonliness to these type of places. A bit symmetrical and cold, but somehow beautiful in that coldness. The truth is, a lot of people came to sit here even though it was at the end of the track, but each time the train passed and the seats emptied out, that lonliness returned.


  1. I have no chance to photograph metro and all is related to.
    There was a time in my life I lived in Munich and I was amazed about metro "world." This photo tells a lot about the sensations you can feel down there.

  2. Love this shot. It actually looks like a painting. Wonderful.

  3. i visited your blogs and your photos is interesting. if you would like for exchange link, please inform that me

  4. Thanks everyone! Simone, you aren't supposed to photograph the metro anymore I think, but in stations like this where no one is really around, I sneak in some shots.

  5. Your photo of the Garbatella Metro station reminded me of one I took in 1993, also on a Rome Metro line (perhaps the same one, though I think not the same station). It's posted on the Facebook site, Rome the Second Time.

  6. I enjoy this image of loneliness and solitude. I see you also practice the 'shoot and scoot' style of photography. Shoot an image then move on without lingering so as to not draw attention to what you were doing.

  7. Dianne – I'll have to check out the photo! Maybe yours is the other side of the tracks.

    Rob – Yes! My photo professor in college was all about the "shoot and scoot" and I use it all the time!

  8. Really love this shot … and I really enjoy your photos and blog. Like the expression "shoot and scoot" 🙂

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