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Chocolate Starfish at Teatro Studio Uno

Posted on Jan 9, 2010 | 5 comments

Last night I went to check out a friend’s band in Torpignattara, an area on the preriphery not too distant from my new home in Pigneto. Chocolate Starfish is a rock/punk group that formed about a year ago and the show provided ample opportunity for photos. One of their amps started smoking in the middle of the set and they didn’t miss a beat, replacing the amp and continuing on for the enthusiastic crowd. Pretty soon into the set I switched to black and white, as I felt it captured the mood more. I’ve been going back to black and white a lot these days and while concerts can be tough shooting conditions with the lighting etc, I love the challenge of capturing the mood. The concert was organized by Set Yourself on Fire and held at Teatro Studio Uno, which is small but makes the most of its space sandwiched in between apartment buildings. Besides the stage for concerts, they also have a bar area, outdoor garden, and small theater.


  1. I agree that the black and white does present a sense of atmosphere.

  2. Nice shots and the mood is definitely there.

  3. Can't hear the music, but like the biceps on that musician in the third photo! 😉

  4. Looks like a funky, groovy band! Must have been fun. I liked your previous front page blog header photo better than your current header. Just sayin'

  5. Thanks Iam and Luis! Saretta, haha yes, the shot definitely shows them off.

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