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Cooking Lesson at Mia Market

Posted on Jan 21, 2010 | 3 comments

Our office obsession with Mia Market on via Panisperna came after a neighbor popped in and told us they sold soup to take away for lunch. Now this may sound silly to many, but it’s actually been a topic for some years that we’d love to have a place during the winter where we could get soup to take away and bring back to the office. Thus sparked the multiple times a week visits to Mia Market, which also has some delicious torte rustiche every day, as well as delicious polpette and salads to take away. It’s also an organic market where you can get fresh produce, loaves of fresh bread, and wine by the liter, among other things. I also love the decor, which has a kind of “1950s home kitchen” feel to it, with pages from an old school home magazine used as wallpaper. Earlier this week I got an email saying they were having a cooking lesson on how to make biscotti salati and was doubly impressed when I was informed that it was free! All I had to do was reserve because space was limited, so I booked a space for myself and one of my colleagues and off we were last night.

I didn’t know what to expect really but we walked into well-organized little tables with exact measurements of the ingredients laid out (pictured abov, as well as a helpfully printed recipe and instructions to take away. We went about making the dough, beating it into submission and then cutting it into shapes that were then packed up for us to take home so we could bake them in our own ovens. I’ve got to say that discovering fun activities like this is what makes me love living in a city and proves once again you don’t need to spend a lot (or anything!) to do something fun. Lessons run every Wednesday, just check their blog for the weekly events or send them an email at Check out the slideshow below for more images of the baking process and interior of the store and as a bonus, if you scroll below the slideshow you’ll find the recipe (in a mix of Italian and English…sorry!).

Mia Market
via Panisperna 225 (Rione Monti)

Biscotti Salati

200 g white flour
75 g ricotta salata
100 g butter (room temperature)
1 egg yolk
2 tsp poppy seeds

Mix the flour with the ricotta salata, creating a little pile with a well on top

In the well, mix the butter, egg yolk, and poppy seeds

Work the dough with your hands until you reach a good consistency (you can add a bit of egg white or cold water if you need to, but we did not. I’d say it took about 20 minutes of kneading to get it the right consistency)

Form the dough into a ball and put it into the refrigerator to rest for 30 minutes

Roll out the dough on a piece of oven paper (about 5 mm is a good height)

Cut the rough into squares and place (with oven paper) on a baking sheet.

Cooking the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes


  1. I love Mia Market! Sometimes I drive down to Monti just to shop there. I learned about it last year when it had just opened. I was taking a walk down via P when the girl working there almost fell on my head from a ladder. She was writing promotional signs on the store window with colored tape and nearly lost her balance. She invited us in for coffee and introduced us to the novità.

    I was supposed to attend MM's first cooking studio after the holidays "Salame di Cioccolata" but in the end I had to sadly miss it.
    The photos of the biscotti salati session look wonderful. I will definitely participate in the following events on the cooking calendar!

    Brava Jessica for this post and evviva Mia Market and their great soups!
    Eleonora xx

  2. mi piacerebbe mettere una recensione del mia market su romastreetfood che ne dici?

  3. Omino – infatti stavo pensado di questo…l'unica cosa che mi ha fermato era la pigrizia di scrivere in italiano…. 🙂 scrivo qualcosa fra poco

    Eleonora – Yes, I love Mia Market! I never went there when they did sushi, but now am there all the time. I'll definitely go again for a cooking lesson, you should try to make it sometime.

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