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EikonProjekt at DDang 2010

Posted on Jan 15, 2010 | 0 comments

EikonProjekt will be participating in the DDang art exhibition in Bracciano, which opens tomorrow (Jan. 16) and runs until the 24th. If you aren’t familiar with what EikonProjekt is what Omino71, Mr.Klevra, and I have dubbed our project of me photographing them while hanging posters, taking some of those images and transforming them into black and white graphics, printing new posters, and having them repaint those posters, which are then hung on the street again. Basically the cycle could go on and on and this will be one of the first times we’re presenting all together as part of the fifth edition of the exhibition, which takes place in a small lake town about an hour outside of Rome. A second, bigger presentation is planned for February at Rising Love….so stay tuned.

Our portion of the exhibit will take place inside the beautiful Chiostro degli Agostiniani, the perfect setting for our display. There will be several original posters, some printed from photos and some not, as well as one of my prints and the two video clips posted above, which give some sense of the phases of the project. Thanks once again goes to my friend Aged Teen, who created the music especially for the show.

Interaction is the theme of DDang 2010 and so it was only fitting that the organizers get permission from the town to turn several of the main streets into a giant interactive art exhibit. I saw the projections when there in December and I can’t wait to see how the final result turned out during the opening tomorrow. A myriad of different artists will be showing and on their website you will find the entire press release (in Italian) and calendar of events for the week. Please turn out in support of the show, which is put together by a great group of people bringing the arts to this small town. If you’re there tomorrow, say hello….I should be there for a little while!

Ddang 2010 – V edizione

Festival delle arti – dal 16 al 24 Gennaio 2010 Bracciano (Rm)

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