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Er Gatto Trasteverino

Posted on Jan 11, 2010 | 10 comments

You’ll find that Rome is generally a city of animal lovers and some people take it to extremes. This woman’s cat recently passed away and outside her door she’s left a little shrine “Here lived Pupone, the “Trasteverian” cat. Spirit of honor and freedom.”
RIP Pupone….


  1. Er pupone! I will miss your jazzy little lawn chair where you would hang out in the summer.

  2. Some people really get attached to their pets! BTW, heard your blog mentioned on the indie traveler podcast so I came right over. Great pics!

  3. Love it!

  4. Awww, so very sweet…

  5. JESS!?!?! Urghhh Pupone! A blessing and a curse or maybe just my toughest competition!

  6. Ahhh poverina.

  7. isn't rome the city of gati? and don't they have a festival of some kind for them? last year i noticed cat paw prints on many walls around town. and of course at largo argentina area there is the cat sanctuary where a group works to tend to strays and provide meds and all the other stuff so they don't repopulate in mass. i always like to check out largo argentina on my way to and from places…usually hop off/on the tram there and back to hotel ripa. looking forward to visiting in february and checking out all my favorite spots ^..^

  8. Pupone! That's very roman! Did you know that "er pupone" was Totti nickname? It literally means "the big child" – as pupo is child.

  9. Pupone! Jess and Meg, come on, you know she'll be missed.

    Dan – Glad you found out about me and came over…hope you enjoy!

    Valeria – Really? I had no idea it was Totti's name…oops!

    Virginia – There are quite a number of cats, but I think it was maybe worse years ago, as I seem to remember a lot more hanging around back when I came here in high school.

  10. Wow….. to me this is quite unique.

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