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Lasciate I Posti

Posted on Jan 5, 2010 | 6 comments

I was traveling on the tram the other day and this sign caught my eye. It translates to “Leave seats for handicapped, elderly, and women.” Those of you who travel in the city, what do you think? While I do see people often give up their seats, I’ve also seen pregnant women made to stand while some 20 year-old guy sits in a seat idly by. Is chivalry dead?


  1. I was at a supermarket a few years ago, as I approached the check out it was between me and a woman as to who was to be next in line, I stepped in and suffered her berating me for my lack of chivarly the entire time it took to get to the front, the only argument I could give her was I agreed with feminism and believed in equal opportunities. Didn't help.

  2. I would usually offer my seat, but somehow I always seem to be offending someone by being courteous. Ladies will not take the seat or dismiss my offer. I still keep on doing it though.

  3. I was in Kiev a few years ago, with two other women. there was practically noone on the bus, and two teenage boys offered to pay for
    our fare… we refused, but it really left an impression. not used to that in the states… from strangers, at that. re: the sign itself, i agree with it, except… women… unless the woman is pregnant… and if it's necessary to post a sign to tell others to be considerate… well… at least someone is trying to correct it…

  4. In Budapest the old women will stare you down if you don't give them a seat. So people usually are quick to offer up their place to them. The only time I haven't I was sick as a dog and standing up was going to be much worse for me than a few angry glares.

  5. My experience in Rome has been any time an older lady or gentleman gets on the bus, people offer their seats, even if they are not sitting in the area reserved for the elderly/pregnant ladies.

    Same for nuns.

  6. Ciao, I'm definitely not referring just to women, but more elderly people as a whole. Today I saw a younger lady give up a seat for an older gentleman. I would say it's a 60%/40% mix with 60% in the vein of giving their seat. I've got to say though that I after see more 30/40 something yr. old women giving up their seats while young 20 something guys with their headphones on don't budge….not to say that some don't get up, but I notice it quite a bit. PS. No one needs to give up a seat for me….I'm young enough and able bodied 😉

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