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Paninoteca Romana

Posted on Jan 23, 2010 | 7 comments

As seen on Friday night at Termini. I love how you can see them working inside the colorful snack truck, which I’m sure rakes in loads of cash given its prime spot in front of the station where the buses load.


  1. Great colours and atmosphere. Very nice.

  2. wow! great shot…best this year so far. looks like a film still…love the guy leaving the frame on right and the scattered newspapers. the colour balance is spot on too.

  3. do you sell your prints?

    I just got a new apartment, and I want prints from around the world in my bedroom. I was thinking Paris, London, NY, and Rome.

    Let me know! email me.

  4. Just found your site. Great photos…nice to see the 'real' side of Rome represented. The everyday culture is as interesting as the 'Culture' culture… if that makes sense.

  5. anche questa foto mi piacerebbe postarla su romastreetfood

    anzi se vuoi scegli 4 foto (compresa questa) tra le due che hanno a che fare con roma e il cibo e uno dei prossimi mercoledì (sotto la sezione link) su romastreetfood le postiamo con la presentazione del tuo blog fotografico


  6. I love your photography! Will try and figure out if I can follow your blog or not.

    I think you pretty much got my vote for the Bloggies due to your photos! <3

  7. Andrew – Yes, thanks! I feel the same way!

    Arab-esque – Thank you very much! I really appreciate the vote and I'm glad you like the photos.

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