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River View

Posted on Jan 28, 2010 | 6 comments

During Sunday’s photo walk near the Ponte di Ferro we stumbled upon many buildings built right on the banks of the Tiber. Some were more accessible than others and we happened upon the owner of one, who agreed to let us on the property to take pictures of the river. It doesn’t get better than this! Just an incredible view of the river from a vantage point I normally wouldn’t have. You can barely see through some of the railing that there is a group of guys fishing along the banks and in the far distance is Basilica San Paolo Fuori le Mura. And the broom in the corner, still old school, was something I just had to capture. It always amuses me for some reason, because you’ll still even see the street cleaners going about their business with these…sometimes old school works just fine!


  1. Rivers in cities have such a forgotten feel. Go back a hundred years and this scene would have been stocked with activity – boats, industry etc. Today, everyone seems to stand with their back to the river… this shot certainly doesn't look like it was taken in the centre of a bustling city. Not that I'm complaining – the city river bank now offers a retreat.

  2. Lovely, just lovely and timeless!

  3. Good point Andrew and it really depends on where you are in the city. At more central points the river is really used quite a bit, especially during the summer, and you'll still see people fishing like they used to. But yes, certainly the change in industry and the way business was conducted has changed things. No longer well you see merchandise being freighted in right in the city.

    The most beautiful thing is that
    it is
    Actually, I'm in Sydney.
    I love this city,
    but Rome is
    the most beautiful city in the world…
    You always
    remind me
    beautiful things,
    like a lovesong!

  5. Great photo Jessica.

    I'm intrigued by the Tiber. I remember seeing older films shot in Rome and they show people actually swimming in the river.

  6. Ale – That's so nice of you! I'm glad I can help you remember Rome.

    NYC – Really? Well I suppose it's pretty normal, most major European cities grew up around rivers, no?

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