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Urban Archaeology Continued

Posted on Jan 31, 2010 | 5 comments

Another photograph for the Urban Archaeology series. This one yet again depicts Pigneto, but this time with a fully broken down and abandoned house set right in the middle of apartment buildings. If those walls could talk, I’d love to hear the story….


  1. Nice series, great idea. I think I will add this urban archeology topic to my list of 2010 projects too.

    I like the grittiness of this image. I think the harsh lighting adds to the ambiance and mood. Nice work!

  2. I like this picture! As soon as I saw it a million questions popped into my head that I would want to ask it. I want to walk up and explore!

  3. Thank you for sharing even a snippet of its story! Love the image!

  4. Very good and beautiful photos but this one caught my attention šŸ™‚
    Rome is on my future plans and can't wait to discover the city!

  5. Hi Dan – Cool, I'd love to see what you shoot! Empty urban spaces can give some of the best images.

    Laura – Thanks! Haha, me too! This photo was taken by sticking the lens through a gate that blocks it off….

    Simone – Thanks! Hope you are having a great start to 2010.

    Alma – Glad to have you at the blog. This is one of my recent favs as well. Hope you get to visit Rome soon.

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