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Posted on Feb 13, 2010 | 6 comments

Before I get to today’s photo, I’m sure you are all wondering where is the photo of the snow that fell on Rome yesterday. Sadly, I was out of town for work until last night and so was not here to take pictures. I’m so sad, as it was a historic day (snow hasn’t fallen here since 1985), but by the time I got back it was all melted.

So instead today you get a photo of these amazing wood carved signs I wandered upon right after I took a picture of the barber shop. As I stopped and turned around, I then noticed the sculptor’s studio right behind me. The signs are the work of well known Italian sculpture Ferdinando Codognotto, who has worked for several popes and exhibits internationally. While it can sometimes feel that the artisans that used to crowd the historic center are getting pushed out, it only takes a wander through some back streets to know that their presence can still be felt. I’m also pretty sure he made the barber’s sign, which is a nice show of camaraderie (they’re located on the same street). If he’s in his workshop when you pass by, take the time to go in and have a chat. You can find more beautiful photos of the artist and his creations by Roberto Deri on Photoshelter.


  1. I went to Roberto Deri's site after reading your blog and saw the sculptor. I instantly thought he looked like an Italian Santa Claus working in his toy shop–very nice

  2. I love Codognotto, he's such a wonderful Santa-like fellow.

    I sometimes drop in to see what he's up to, and he's always very polite and chatty.

    Rome at its best…

  3. Codognotto's detailed sculpture is mind-boggling! Lovely photograph, Jessica. Sorry you missed the snow…hope all is well.

  4. I love his work.

    Glad his shop is still here. You're right, so many artisans are being pushed out.

    Another antique store on my street was replace by a bar.

  5. Yes, he is very Santa Like.

    Ele – I should have popped in, but there were other people there. Can't believe I'd never hear of him before.

    Ciao Elaine – Doing well! You?

    NYC – Sad šŸ™ Snackbars are the biggest moneymakers it seems.

  6. BELAZ Ero felice con la sua scultura. Devi essere una persona molto felice. Congratulazioni.

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