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Posted on Feb 16, 2010 | 3 comments

As I mentioned already, I was in Florence last week, so I thought I’d put up a picture from that visit. I’ll just say that I love Florence and all its history and art, but it’s just not the same as Rome. Maybe a little too quiet and ordered for my tastes now? In any case, I saw these lovely and vibrant chocolate wrappers in a shop window and had to take a photo. Robiglio is a Florentine pastry shop founded in the 1920s and which now has five stores around the city. Tomorrow…back to Roma.


  1. no no no! please put more florence pics up! i love florence!!! You are so lucky to live in bella italia!!!

  2. Haha sorry! Gotta stick to Rome! I'll put some of the Florence photos on my Flickr account eventually.

  3. Nice angle

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