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Posted on Feb 20, 2010 | 6 comments

Who hasn’t been in this situation before? Traveling with friends, huddled around a map while you decipher how to get from one place to another. Note the ubiquitous Rome map that you’ll fine at all the hotels and tourist centers. What always makes me laugh about it is that it cuts off just south of the Colosseum and right at the Villa Borghese, as if nothing else exists.

I must say, I was pretty happy with this shot, which I took right by Termini. I saw them and knew it would be a great shot – just picture me frantically pulling the camera out of my bag and thinking in my head “Don’t move! Don’t move!” And one snap, that’s all it took!


  1. Great capture! Ciao

  2. Nice pic ! I Know this situation, when a picture is already forming in your head and you anxious hope, the persones involved will not move till you get your camera ready 🙂

    btw: which camera do you use ?

  3. awwww thats cute. I love that you caught the cig hanging out of his mouth lol

  4. Great shot. Takes me back to my first confusing moments in Termini. Feeling nostalgic now.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Farolito – I use a Canon Rebel XTi. Thanks for your comment!

    Tink – Yes! The cig is a nice touch.

    Alice – Thank you!

  6. Great shot! I perfectly know what you feel when you want to take a picture of people in the streets and have to pull your photo camera out of your bag hoping for them not to move. 🙂


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