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Motorino of Love

Posted on Feb 25, 2010 | 9 comments

There’s a street I sometimes walk down that always has this lovely little moto splattered with heart stickers. I’m assuming it’s the company motorino of a store or something, but I’m not sure. I finally decided to take a photo of it on a beautiful weekend day when the sun shone down and sparkled across it.


  1. ♥♥♥

  2. All hearts aside, it's a cool motorino too.

    Have great weekend
    Ele xx

    PS did you go to the Mia Market cous cous gnocchi cooking studio last night? I missed it 🙁

  3. Charming. It's sort of raffish…not perfect.

  4. Ciao Ele – No, I'm in the US for work right now! ONe day I'll actually make it to another class.

  5. Very nice photoblog! Love it!

  6. Very cute indeed!

  7. i totally want this scooter!!

  8. Hi Jessica. I love your blog.
    The hearts look like the logo of "Sweet Years" a clothing brand that I saw everywhere in Italy, but I could be mistaken. I would love to work for them and drive that thing around 🙂

  9. Rachel – Definitely could be! Next time I pass by I'll try to look for any stickers that say the name of the company.

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