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Santa Maria Maggiore

Posted on Feb 2, 2010 | 6 comments

I took this photo pointing to the main entrance of Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the four major Basilicas of Rome, because it pointed out to me the strange position of this church. The grubby old sign tells a tale of a highly important church in the middle of an area that isn’t the nicest. Don’t get me wrong, the Esquilino isn’t dangerous, but the entire back of the church along Piazza Esquilino (which is the facade shown to the left of the sign) has been cordoned off by barriers for years, I’m assuming to keep people from simply lounging around and setting up camp, which is what happens in the small sections that aren’t blocked off. Supposedly Alemanno wants to clean up the square in back, starting with the restoration of some sculptures there….we shall see!


  1. I stumbled upon your blog serendipitiously. I think Rome is my favorite city and a photographer in Rome…well I don't think there could be a better blog.

  2. Nice composition!

  3. I love it. That was my favorite thing about Italy I think. All of the old Basilicas. You could find them all over the place, and the smaller, random ones could be quite gorgeous.

  4. Ciao Jessica,
    I was driving back from Via Sannio this afternoon and I decided to go by Via Merulana, Santa Maria Maggiore, etc. I was in the car stopped at a traffic light and I was thinking exactly what you said here, how curious that the area has been blocked off like that, it looks so temporary…

    Took some pictures too. Guess we are in some sort of sync!


  5. i love this! beautiful picture!

  6. Donna – Thank you so much, glad you found me!

    Laura – Yes, some of the smallest churches are the most interesting. Search for the pictures of Santa Maria Decollazione e Morte on the blog. It's one of my favs.

    Ele – So funny! I don't know why I hadn't shot it earlier, it's something that's always been odd to me.

    Tamara – Thank you!

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