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The Stickheads

Posted on Feb 4, 2010 | 4 comments

Once you take notice of street art in the city, it’s amazing how the pieces become like friends who you see out on the town. It never fails to make me smile when I turn a corner and see something by an artist who I recognize, almost like they’re saying hello. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve met them or not, it still feels like it’s an old friend coming to greet you. This piece by The Stickheads gave me just that experience. I’m more used to seeing their small stickers and posters up around town, so was happily surprised to see the spray painted piece on a wall along the Tiber, next to a building that up until the earthquake, when a wall partially collapsed, was a sort of centro sociale.


  1. How funny, it's true that I get attached to local street artists (without even knowing who they are) and their creations.

  2. Funny how I noticed only the green grass from the photo. In Northern Europe it is only snow, white and no colours at the moment and I long for southern parts of Europe to see the sun and light.

    Your photos of city art are truly great.

  3. Cool. 8)

  4. Saretta – Do you have any locals that you see all over the place? Send me some pics!

    Inni – Aww….you are right, we are lucky here! I'm from a snowy place in the US, so I know how you feel. Thanks for coming to the blog!

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