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Window Shopping

Posted on Feb 11, 2010 | 5 comments

There are a lot of high end stores in the center, but the jewelry store on via di Ripetta named Mirabillia (located right next to the door knocker) caught my eye for the delicate gold pieces on the beautiful piece of red fabric. Beyond my price range, but that’s why it’s window shopping!


  1. WOW thats my kind of window-great shot Jess

  2. wow! they remind me of this really cool ancient etruscan exhibit i went to… all these dainty gold pretties!

  3. A sea motif…when will summer return?

  4. hey, I found your blog via the Weblog awards, and have really enjoyed looking through your posts and pictures!
    I wanted to ask if you had ever been to Corviale (also known as Il Serpetone).. I spent part of a semester in Rome (I lived in Trastevere) working on my undergrad, architecture thesis on Corviale. It seems like something you might be interested in. There isn't a ton of info online about it, but you can check out my old blog I kept about my thesis in and Italy adventures here:

    and flickr has a bunch of photos.

    Its a pretty cool adventure to go there and I thought you might enjoy. Just be careful, and don't go at night… unless you want to learn how to dance with old men at the old people center.. I learned how to tango, cha cha, and other stuff by going to the old-people parties on Thursday and Sunday.

    anyway, enjoy,

  5. Jena – Glad you found the blog! I've never been to Corviale but I'm going to check out your blog. Haha I wouldn't mind some dance lessons!

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