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  1. beautiful photos. I've always loved the window of this store 🙂

  2. How I'd love to go in there and poke around–beautiful photo

  3. Wow, wish I was there…
    A beautiful shot of an elegant and interesting place.

  4. I love this photo – almost a magical athmosphere!

  5. Beautiful shot, did you use a tripod and forgive me my curiousity 🙂 but what gear are you using?

    I love the depth and texture here. Love it!

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Di – No tripod, I rarely use one because I hate carrying them around. To shoot I use a Canon Rebel XTi and a variety of lenses depending. This is just normal 18 – 55 mm.

  7. Nice work. I just had my head turned on the use of tripods but I was working in a dark museum for a few months. I love what you have here.

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