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Ghetto Gossip

Posted on Mar 23, 2010 | 9 comments

I love this photo, taken in the Jewish Ghetto yesterday, which represents the community atmosphere that still remains in the area. Though most of the Jewish population no longer lives in the Ghetto, it’s still very much a meeting point for the community, as represented here with these gentlemen who have settled on a bench to sit and chat. A friend passed by and they waved him over to talk for a bit, going over the days news and events.


  1. Just discovered your blog – lucky me.
    We are planning a trip to Italy in September so I will be checking out your blog regularly.Your photots are amazing.

  2. There's nothing like old friends. Here, the old men meet at McDonald's to chat over coffee… it's not nearly so picturesque!

  3. I was wondering what gear you shoot with? Do you carry your camera everyday?

    And, great shot =) Did you stop and look through the view-finder to take this shot? Whenever I'm people shooting I feel kind of embarrassed that I'm pointing a camera at them =\

  4. Hi Anna – Great! Have fun planning your trip.

    Lizzi – Haha, back by me in the US it was Dunkin Donuts 🙂

    Duncan – I use a Canon Rebel XTi. I don't bring it every day but there are certain days when I know I'll want to walk around, so I bring it with. I did look at the viewfinder. Haha I often aim at something near them, like a window or building, set the proper aperture etc and then sneak it over to them. Often people are so distracted they never notice.

  5. XTi =) great camera, and loving the shots you've been capturing! I really love people photography- just seeing people interacting in their surroundings; it's just so intriguing.

  6. Fantastic photo … love the candid conversation!
    Makes me wonder what they are talking about!

  7. Lovely Photos!

  8. A superb street shot!

  9. Thank you Duncan, Cobalt, Sara, and Gunn!

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