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Ozmo in Rome

Posted on Mar 31, 2010 | 3 comments

This weekend I headed down to the Ex-mattatoio in Rome to check out the street artist Ozmo as he painted a giant billboard for Absolut. Originally from Tuscany, Ozmo has made Milan his base for many years and is part of a group of street artists there who really started the street art scene in this country. This isn’t the first piece he’s done for Absolut, he worked on a giant billboard depicting Atlas in the center of Milan earlier this year. It was really amazing to see how he took the empty sillhouette and transformed it into a face right before my eyes, using only spraypaint. I still have to get down there to photograph the finished piece, but you can see images of it on La Repubblica. Ozmo created everything on the piece, including the digital artwork, and the overall image belies his classical influence. Just as in Milan, the piece recalls ancient mythology, this time focusing on the myth of Sisyphus and twisting it to have the wind god Eolo blow a current of air toward the man doomed with an impossible task. To read more about Ozmo and the project, check out this article (in Italian) on Urban Trash. The billboard will be up until the end of June, so make a trip down to Testaccio to see some beautiful, free art.


  1. Amazing Ozmo! 🙂

    a great artist.

  2. His work is truly incredible-saw the video of the Atlas and am blown away by his talent

  3. Amazing amazing art! It would be wonderful if Beijing had artists like this! (Or, maybe we do, but I'm just cooped up all day in the office, heh).

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