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Sora Margherita

Posted on Mar 13, 2010 | 3 comments

A Friday evening in March and this is the scene outside of Sora Margherita, one of the well-known restaurants located in the Jewish Ghetto. I had reservations with friends for 9:30 pm and we still had to wait 20 minutes to get inside the tiny restaurant. Being artichoke season I, of course, started out with the classic carciofo alla giudia. The leaves were crispy and delicious, the inside soft and tender. That was followed by fettucini con sugo alla coda, that was good, but not mind blowing. We definitely had fun and the food was good, but I found the place pricier than it merited, something that happens often to restaurants that are written up in guidebooks and magazines all the time. They try to make these places sound “hidden” and “undiscovered,” but as anyone who lives here knows, most often the best places are the ones the press has never heard about, because if you’re a local and you really love it, you probably keep it to yourself instead of blabbing to a journalist, for fear that it will be ruined.


  1. Well said!

    I have never been to Sora Margherita, but I heard similar comments about their dishes. Must indeed be the "good" rep…


  2. beautiful photo. it rembembers me a special night.

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